Volume Plugin



About Volume Plugin:
It's a plugin wich allows you to control the (OSS) mixer devices of you choice. You can see it in action in the screenshot next to this text (it's above the gkrellmms plugin).

Author: Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd@luon.net>


  • 2.1.13:
    • Brown paper bag bug in alsa backend introduced in the previous version.
  • 2.1.12:
    • Fix mousewheel scrolling in the balance slider (pointed out by Philip Lafleur)
    • es translatoion by YoaR
    • Backend support for switches, not available in the frontend yet
  • 2.1.11
    • Added alsa support. Based on a patch from Jindrich Makovicka
  • 2.1.10
    • Updated french translation by Jérôme UZEL
    • Fixed some spelling errors in the info thanks to A Costa
    • React on horizontal scrolling correctly
  • 2.1.9
    • Better explanation of the options in the info tab
    • Updated german translation by Steffen Weise
    • Updated polish translation by Mariusz Jedrzejewski
    • Updated dutch translation by Michiel Sikkes
    • Updated russian translation by Grigory Batalov
  • 2.1.8
    • Right click on the plugin causes a configurable command to be run. Patch by Tomas Styblo
  • 2.1.7
    • Resolve symlinks on mixer detection based on a patch by Jérôme UZEL. This avoids showing some devices twice in the config
  • 2.1.6
    • French translation by Jérôme UZEL
    • German translation by Steffen Weise
  • 2.1.5:
    • Patch by Grigory Batalov for i18n
    • Russian translation by Grigory Batalov
    • Dutch translation by Michiel sikkes
  • 2.1.4:
    • Patch for FreeBSD from Hajimu UMEMOTO
  • 2.1.3:
    • incorperated win32 update from Bill Nalens
    • Don't mix g_free/free calls with g_malloc/malloc
    • Posibilty to theme the sliders, see the THEMING file
  • 2.1.2:
    • The sliders go back to the right position after a theme change
    • Don't crash when changing a theme with a balance slider on
  • 2.1.1:
    • Fixed a bug which caused the balance to be fully to the left after muting
  • 2.1.0:
    • Possibility to add a balance control to the mixer krells
    • Possibility to save mixer volume and balance and reset it on startup
    • Middle mouse button let's you mute some stuff
    • Various other tweaks
    • Note this version won't compile on win32
  • 2.0.1:
    • incorperated win32 update from Bill Nalens
    • Limit scrolling the mouse wheel down
  • 2.0: Complete rewrite for gtk2 and gkrellm 2, doesn't support all the options of 0.8 yet
  • 0.8:
    • added support for saving volumes on exit and restoring them on start. (based on a patch from emcee <gjw102@york.ac.uk>)
    • Some little updates
  • 0.7: little bugfix
  • 0.6:
    • The plugin can launch an external mixer.
    • Added support for plugin theming, which will be possible in GkrellM 0.10.0.
  • 0.5:
    • Made a changelog file.
    • Added a patch from Hajimu UMEMOTO to compile the plugin on FreeBSD.
    • Added wheelmouse support.
  • 0.4: Added a Mute option.
  • 0.3: Changes for GKrellM 0.9.7 and some other little improvements.
  • 0.2: the plugin closes the mixer device on a mmb click or a configurable signal.
  • 0.1: first release.

The current development version can be found on cvs.luon.net


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