About Mailwatch:
While GKrellM has a mail monitor of it's own, you have only one counter.. with this plugin you can setup extra counters for your mailboxes. I use GKrellM's own monitor for a total new mail count (and the cool animation).. The plugin monitors my most used mailboxes seperately. You can see it in the screenshot next to this, it's under GKrellM own mailbox monitor.

Author: Sjoerd Simons <>


  • Provide options for primary and secondary monitors, so you can hide some panels.. Just like GKrellM's fs monitor has.


  • 2.4.3:
    • Patch from Lionel Elie Mamane
      • Makes sure multiple "read" marks are taken into account only once per message.
      • Skips over message bodies without reading in presence of a Content-Length header
  • 2.4.2:
    • Fixed a bug which caused a new mailpanel not to be added, when the command or check interval was changed.
  • 2.4.1:
    • Support for netscape/mozilla and evolution mailboxes
  • 2.4.0:
    • i18n support. Patch by Alex Murygin
    • Russion translation by Alex Murygin
  • 2.3.1:
    • Fixed memleaks. Patch by Christian Hammond
  • 2.3.0:
    • Check time can be adjusted per mailpanel
  • 2.2.2:
    • Compile fix for other compilers then gcc 3.2
  • 2.2.1:
    • Fixed wrong usage of basename (basename may change it's argument *sigh*)
  • 2.2.0:
    • show only the basename of a mailbox path in the tooltip
    • Expand ~ and do globbing on mailbox paths
    • Added a browse button to mailbox settings tabs
  • 2.1.0:
    • Patch from Tilman Sauerbeck for sylpheed style maildirs
    • Fixed a bug in the maildir code, which caused it to always see new mail
  • 2.0:
    • Port to gtk2 and gkrellm2, patch from Christian Hammond
  • 0.7.2:
    • Applied a patch from to make the behaviour for old messages in a maildir more consistent with mailboxes
  • 0.7.1:
    • Added an option to highlight new mail, path by Jason Thatcher <>
    • Added an option to let the mailcounter blink when new mail arrives based on a patch by Martin Man <>
  • 0.7:
    • Fixed memleak when closing the config window, found by Alan Schmitt <>
    • cleaned up the makefile
  • 0.6b:
    • Include time.h before including utime.h, otherwise it won't compile on FreeBSD
  • 0.6:
    • Update maildir checking to resemble the one gkrellm (now) uses.
    • Changed some stuff, that apparently made the config do spooky things.
    • Plugin installs in /usr/local/lib/gkrellm/plugins by default now.
  • 0.5b:
  • 0.5:
    • added ability to show tooltips with mail per box
    • added a patch from Baptiste Malguy to fix maildir support.
  • 0.4:
    • added a patch by Ryan Pavlik <> to support MH style mailboxes
    • fixed a small memleak (thanks to Ryan for finding it
  • 0.3:
    • added possibility to run external commands
    • mailpanel names can be longer then 9 chars now
    • some bugfixes
    • new configfile format, so you'll have to reconfigure if you used an older version
  • 0.2:
    • Made a changelog file.
    • Some bugfixed.
    • Added an option to view the total number of mails.
    • Added option to count accessed but unread mail as new.
  • 0.1: first release.

The current development version can be found on


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