Gkrellm-wireless Plugin



About the Gkrellm wireless Plugin:
This plugins monitors the signal quality of your wireless networking card (if it's driver supports the linux wireless extension api or you use Freebsd's wi0 interface) ..

Author: Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd@luon.net>


  • 2.0.3
    • Patch by Kurt Alan Steinkraus
      • Possibility to show current bitrate (linux only)
      • Can hide the interface name prefix in the panels
    • Show level and noise in dbm under linux instead of the values from /proc/net/wireless
  • 2.0.2
    • New /proc/net/wireless parser
  • 2.0.1
    • Patch by Hajimu UMEMOTO for freebsd 4.7
  • 2.0.0
    • Patch by Tom Prado for gkrellm2/gtk2
  • 0.2.2
    • Added NetBSD support for wi interfaces by Jasper Wallace
  • 0.2.1
    • fixed a bug that caused configuration not to be saved ok.
  • 0.2:
    • Can now show link quality, link level and noise
    • Uses only wireless extensions under linux (less complicated code)
    • supports an (tested) and wi (untested) wireless interfaces under Freebsd
    • Autodetect linux or freebsd in the makefile (depends on gnu make though)
    • major rearrangement of code
  • 0.1:
    • support for more then one card.
    • support for aironet cards.
    • panel instead of chart.
  • 0.0.4: Bugfixes and this one actually works :0
  • 0.0.3: fixed typo's in the FreeBSD specific code.
  • 0.0.2:
    • added freebsd specific code by Haijmu UMEMOTO <ume@mahoroba.org>
    • added support for gkrellm 0.10.0 plugin theming
    • bugfixes :).
  • 0.0.1: first very beta release.

The current development version can be found on cvs.luon.net

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