About GKrellMMS: GKrellM XMMS Plugin
GKrellMMS is a plugin which allows you to control XMMS from within GKrellM.
In combination with Sjoerd Simons' volume plugin it could be an ideal and compact replacement for the standard xmms-view!

Author: Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd@luon.net>
Previous Author: Sander Klein Lebbink <sander@blauwscherm.nl>

GKrellMMS Features:

  • Local Playlist Editor.
  • Title scrolling.
  • Progress bar (Krell) to see where you are in a song.
  • Jumping in a file, by picking up the Krell.
  • LED indicator which indicates whether XMMS is on, off, stopped, playing or paused.
  • Themeable buttons, to control XMMS.
  • A menu for some misc. XMMS-commands.
  • internationalisation

Developer-change: Since GKrellMMS 0.5.6, Sander Klein Lebbink has quit the development of GKrellMMS. You can send your comments, bugfixes, etc to Sjoerd Simons instead.


  • 2.1.22
    • Added patch to use beep media player instead of xmms by Andreas Sundstrom
    • Don't freeze on certain weird strings when converting to utf-8
  • 2.1.21
    • Spanish translation by Neri Antonio Mayer
    • Let the Gkrellm Options menu actually open the options menu
    • Improvements to the code that checks if the playlists need to be updated.
  • 2.1.20
    • mprove the string to utf8 translation function
  • 2.1.19
    • When both g_filename_to_utf8 and g_locale_to_utf8 fail, use the unconverted string. Don't know if it's the right way, but fixes crashes with broken filenames.
    • Don't try to convert NULL. Fixes crash on empty playlist.
    • Use special gkrellm 2.2.0 api for scrolling text. Patch by Bill Wilson
    • Use a g_spawn function instead of system to launch xmms, so xmms doesn't inherit all open gkrellm file descriptors. Patch by Bill Wilson
  • 2.1.18
    • Fixed 100% cpu usage when using filenames in locale encoding
  • 2.1.17
    • Fixed memleaks introduces in previous release
    • Patch by Bill Wilson to fix dependency on GdkFont and some other cleanups
  • 2.1.16
    • Fixed crash when updating playlist. Thanks to Jan Tomasek for the pointer
    • Use the filename for title if we don't load the info
    • Add an item in the rmb menu to popup the gkrellmms config tab
  • 2.1.15
    • Off by one error in the playlist updating code, caused the wrong title to show. Found and patches by Andrew Kemp
  • 2.1.14
    • Rewrote the playlist code
      • Port from gtk clist to gtk treeview
      • Correctly handle relative paths in playlist files
    • Cleaned up the update code and ported it to the new playlist stuff
  • 2.1.13
    • Actually use the playlist directory setting
  • 2.1.12
    • Fixed crash in update_plist_status, because of a off by one fault. Thanks to Chris for pointing this out
    • Fixed parsing of playlist_dir, xmms_exec_command and files_directory config file entriess
    • Quote files_directory when using it in system()
  • 2.1.11
    • Fixed memory allocation error
  • 2.1.10
    • Check if xmms_remote_get_playlist_title returns NULL
  • 2.1.9
    • Don't crash when opening an empty playlist/a directory as playlist
    • Possibility to open a playlist with more as 1024 files
    • Updated danish translation by Søren Boll Overgaard
    • Little tweaks to the dutch translation
  • 2.1.8
    • Check if xmms_remote_get_playlist_files returns NULL, fixes some segv's. Thanks to hint from Matthew "Cheetah" Gabeler-Lee
  • 2.1.7
    • Fixed polling the current song title
  • 2.1.6
    • Patch by Bill Wilson to support gkrellm scaling and various small fixes
    • Danish translation by Søren Boll Overgaard
    • Drag and Drop support
  • 2.1.5
    • Patch by Marat Khairullin so xmms windows are also hidden when starting xmms from gkrellm, when using autohide
    • Remove timer_t typo, should be time_t. Fixes compiling on some distributions
    • French translation by Jérôme UZEL
  • 2.1.4
    • Patch by Grigory Batalov for i18n
    • Russian translation by Grigory Batalov
    • Dutch translation by Michiel Sikkes
  • 2.1.3
    • Added patch by Philip Jägenstedt, which allows xmms to be hidden on gkrellmms startup
  • 2.1.2
    • Added time.h to gkrellmms.h
  • 2.1.1
    • Removed enable button panel options and added the possibility to not show the buttons throught the theme config
  • 2.1
    • Made heavy changes based on a patch by bill Wilson that:
      • Enhances the theming capabilities (read the Themes file)
      • Better use of the gkrellm provided functions
      • various other tiny enhancements
  • 2.0
    • Port to gtk2 and gkrellm2, patch from Christian Hammond
  • 0.5.8
    • Poll for the current song title. So the title changes when listening to icecast streams which do title streaming.
  • 0.5.7
    • Maintance release. Put myself as the current maintainer <sjoerd@luon.net>
    • Added a \ in gkrellmms.c because some compilers complain about it.
    • Let make install install in /usr/local/lib/gkrellm by default
  • for 0.1 to 0.5.6 see the changelog in the tarballs

The current development version can be found on cvs.luon.net


Plugins on this page are free software released under the GNU General Public License.
Feel free to e-mail us with comments, questions or suggestions.