GKrellM ConsoleWatch Plugin



About the GKrellM ConsoleWatch Plugin:
A plugin for gkrellm, that observes which users are using which consoles. Currently only tty1 up til and including tty6 are monitored.

Author: Mark van Eijk <mark@luon.net>


  • Configuration (which tty's to watch).
  • Use ADT's (such as linked lists) instead of static variables for each tty
  • Add support for themes.


  • ConsoleWatch (0.1.2)
    • Needed to patch behaviour of utmp-calls AGAIN.
    • Improved reporting if no user is logged in on the console.
    • Added to Makefile: creation of plugins directory if it does not exist.
  • ConsoleWatch (0.1.1), no download version available
    • Patched version 0.1, so that it uses getutline() instead of getutent(), this significantly decreases possible misbehaviour of ConsoleWatch.
  • ConsoleWatch (0.1)
    • First release version.

If something goes wrong, first make sure you have gkrellm => 0.9.8 and gtk 1.2. If things then still don't work please mail me.


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